Your source for oil tank testing, remiediation, soil sampling, and repairs.

You can benefit from our years of experience, as well as the professional and reliable manner in which we conduct business. All Boro Tank Testing can safely identify if your above or below ground fuel oil storage tanks are leaking. Our technicians are certified using the Horner EZ-3 Locator Plus system.

An overview of our benefits

  • Benefit 1 Complaince with annual testing as per the New York State D.E.C.
  • Benefit 2 Assistance with Petroleum Bulk Storage Applications
  • Benefit 3 When tank test failures occur All Boro Tank testing will assist our customers in any repairs nessasary to obtain a "Tight" tank.

Our Certification:

All Boro Tank Testing certifies that the underground storage tank and product distribution lines listed in the above table have been tested by means of the EZY 3 Locator Plus test system, which meets or exceeds the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) accuracy requirements for tank testing. These requirements are specified in the U.S. EPA protocol 40 CFR Part 280, Subpart D entitled "Standard Test Procedure for Evaluating Leak Detection Methods: Nonvolumetric Tank Tightness Tank Testing Methods", EPA/530/UST-005 and Section 6.3.1 "Application of Protocol to Acoustical Methods." According to these regulations, leak detection systems must be capable of detecting leaks of 0.1 gallons per hour with a probability of detection of 0.95 and probability of false alarm of 0.05.

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